The Best Way To Split Screen On Mac

This is one of the major problems for the users of Mac. Mac is an Apple company product. It is a laptop, popularly known as Mac. A very useful feature of this Mac is the split screen feature.

This helps the user to work on 2 different applications at the same time by splitting the screen in two and using the 2 applications on each screen side by side.

This feature can help users to be more productive in your work and keep an eye on things faster than usual. Although many users get lost and don’t exactly know how to use this feature or say enable this feature and many don’t know how to disable this feature once enabled. So we are here to help you with the process of enabling and disabling the split screen on Mac.

How To Enter Split View On Mac?

To enter into the split view on your Mac. First thing to look for is the version of your OS. This feature is not available on all versions of Mac OS. Version “OS X El Capitan” or later can only provide the split view feature on your Mac, so you should be aware of your version before moving forward with this article. 

Also the steps will differ slightly depending on the version but it won’t be difficult for you to understand the process if you understand the process in one of the versions. Follow the steps below if your OS is Catalina.

  1. Go to Apple Menu.
  2. Select system preferences.
  3. Click on mission control.
  4. Select the option “Displays have separate Spaces.”
  5. Hover the pointer on the left corner of your window. It should be a green button.
  6. You should get 2 options “Tile Window to Left of Screen” or ”Tile Window to Right of Screen.”
  7. Select any one of the options suitable to you.
  8. You will then have your current screen to the left or the right.
  9. You can then open a new window on the screen that is empty.

This completes the process of entering the split view on Mac. You can now start working on your split screen and work more productively than using two applications one by one on a full screen.

How To Enter Split View on Other MacOS Versions

If you are using a version older than “El Capitan” then the method to enter the split view is a little different. Follow the steps below.

mac split screen gif
  1. Go to the full screen button and hold it until it shrinks.
  2. Once the window shrinks drag it to either side of the screen.
  3. Release the button and the application will be ready to use on one side of your screen.
  4. Do the same on the other side of the screen and therefore you can use 2 applications on split view.

Working of Split View on Mac

You need to know a few instructions or say features of split view in order to avoid any kind of interruption in your work. You may need a particular application on the right and while setting the split view it came to the left. In that case you can simply drag that particular window to the right and both the screens will interchange automatically.

While using a split view all the buttons on your screen will disappear. This will give you a distraction free screen to work on. You can move your cursor to bring the application back on your screen. You can adjust the split of the screen as well whether you want it to be split in half or if you want the right screen to be bigger just drag the vertical line to your right.

Benefits of Split Screen on Mac

The split screen on Mac will definitely help you with your work. It will surely increase your productivity as  2 screens mean double the work. There the following are the few kinds of benefits that you can avail to yourself with the help of split screen.

  1. The split screen feature will help you to work on 2 different applications side by side at the same time.
  2. You can save time with this feature.
  3. Supervision can get much easier.
  4. Manual work will be decreased as you do not need to resize the window every now and then.
  5. If you need to type content from one page to another, this feature will provide your work productivity.

As important it is to understand how to enter the split screen. It is equally important to know how to exit the split screen as well. This is because some kind of work may require a full screen and split screen may not be helpful. Full screen can also make your work productive depending on you.

How To Exit Split View On Mac?

While you are working on your windows the buttons disappear to give you a full screen view without any interruption. Therefore to exit the split view on Mac. You will need to follow steps mentioned below:

  • Take your pointer to the top of the screen, you will then be able to see the buttons available to you.
  • You will then be able to see the green button which will give you a full-screen option.
  • Clicking on that will make that particular window full-screen and the other screen will disappear behind the current full screen.

This will successfully give you a full screen on your Mac and exit the split view. You can do this process in another way as well. You can use the multi-touch gesture feature. This requires you to move your 4 fingers on the trackpad either left or right. This can also exit the split screen on Mac.


This finishes our article on how to split screen on Mac. Our readers should know this feature as it can be very helpful and you can do your work more productively. We hope our information solves your queries. In case you need to ask us anything use the comment section for the same.

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