Six Ways to Resolve iPhone Keeps Restarting Issue

iPhone is one of the established and demanded brands in the market. People want to purchase Apple because it is a brand name and the products are really easy to handle and use. Follow the below steps to solve iPhone restarting issues.

People need to get away from this problem, and for that, they make every possible search. To put an end to all those searches, here we are, with the top 6 ways to resolve iPhone keeps restarting issue. Let us quickly get into the process.

Customers are spending huge amounts to own this brand because it is loaded with many new technologies and advancements related to the phone market. Recently, it has been noticed that the users of the iPhone are having a tough time dealing with this device. They are complaining that their iPhone keeps restarting, would stop working and many other similar recurring problems.

Apple has been witnessing a drastic hype in the number of customers complaining the same, for their device. It is obvious, for the individuals to be worried and tensed who have been spending huge amounts to own the device if such problems appear frequently. Facing such inconvenience and trouble is for sure, heart-breaking for any individual.

Check for the faulty apps and remove them immediately from your iPhone

Detect if you have any third-party applications in your phones, if you get any, just uninstall them. Also, you need to check for any update that you have done with any third-party app. If you find any such app, all you need to do is go to the application, hold the icon of the application, you will get an option to uninstall the particular app, just click on to the uninstall option, and there you go! The app is uninstalled.  This might work for you.

RESET Your Iphone

iPhone is a high-quality device, still, it might encounter some issues and troubles. If your iPhone keeps restarting, more frequently, you just need to follow this simple method. Just reset all your settings. Yes! You heard it absolutely right.

Open Settings> General> Reset. It is noted, more often, these phones get restarted because of their settings malfunctioning. Due to your privacy measures, you may also be asked to enter your passcode. Once you enter it correctly, you are free to make the required changes. You can easily reset all your settings. This has worked wonders for many users who were facing the problem with their iPhone restarting automatically and recurrently.


The most common and recurring problem with the iPhone is, they keep restarting within a few seconds or minutes. This is noted as the restart loop problem. To overcome this trouble with your iPhone, you need to follow the next given instructions carefully.

Try updating your iPhone iOS. Fortunately, the new version of iOS is introduced with a bug-free feature. To update your iPhone iOS, all you need to do is, go to the Settings> General> Software just to check for an available update. If the update is available just download it and complete the installation. Updating your iOS is highly recommended, to experience better results.


If resetting settings and updating your system is not working in your case, then you have to opt for a hard reset. Hard reset is basically an effective method to resolve any issues. This can be your knight in the shining armour if your iPhone keeps restarting after every one or two minutes/ seconds.

For the series 6 of iPhone, you need to hold both the sleep/wake and the home buttons for 10 seconds, then leave the buttons, an Apple logo will appear.

For series 7, you need to press hold the volume down button and sleep/ wake buttons altogether, at the same time, for approximately 10 seconds. When you will release the buttons, you will see an Apple logo.

For the 8 and X series, press the volume up button for just a few seconds and quickly release it, then immediately press the volume down button and release it quickly. The final step would be, pressing hard the sleep/ wake button and releasing it as soon as the Apple logo appears.


It is possible, that sometimes you need to perform so many technical methods to get rid of your “iPhone keeps restarting” issue. But it might stop simply by removing and reinserting the SIM card.

Often there are problems within the connection of iPhone to the wireless carrier due to this failed connection, the iPhone is sometimes stuck in the restart loop. Therefore, removing your sim can serve you with the purpose of resolving your trouble. It can prove to be magical in your case. Give it a try.


To find a solution to the problem caused when your iPhone keeps restarting recurrently, you must go and check your battery’s condition. It is often observed when the battery of the iPhone is damaged and worn out, the iPhone keeps restarting while charging. To overcome this issue, connect your iPhone through an original cable to the power source. If your iPhone is still restarting over and over, change to another cable and try it again. If the problem still emerges, then it’s time to get your battery replaced as it might be damaged.

In the worst case, if none of the ways work out for you, and your restart loop is not fixed, all you can do is, recover your important iPhone data. Take the help of iTunes and iCloud backups.


With the above-mentioned easy ways, you can overcome the problems caused when your iPhone keeps restarting recurrently and automatically. Most of the times the problem can be solved by removing or uninstalling faulty apps, by resetting your settings, by updating your iOS, by performing a hard reset, by simply removing and reinserting your SIM card or by checking your battery’s condition. If the problem still emerges after performing all these methods take the iPhone to the Apple support centre for further solutions.

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