How To Record Video On MacBook OSx Guide

Recording video on Mac can help you in many ways. We have seen that many Mac users face difficulties of some sort to record videos on Mac. Therefore we thought to help our readers with a simple guide to how to record video on Mac.

This guide will not only instruct you with simple steps but also give you an overview of the elements that surround this topic. The closely related element to video is the photos so we will also help you to know about how to take a photo on your Mac.

Record Screen on Mac

This feature can allow you to take a video of yourself and send it to others so you will not need a second person who will hold the device and take your video. You can just keep the Mac at one place and record your video. In case of any interview you have to send your video doing or speaking on something then this feature would come in handy.

You can also record yourself giving a speech and then view the recording yourself to see where you need to improve. Such activities will be easier for you to do.

If you’re running macOS Mojave or later, you can press Shift + Command + 5 to open the Screenshot app. From there, take a screenshot, record your screen, and more, all of which will be saved to your Desktop by default. Check the following GIF.

record screen on mac

Want to switch between apps? Hold down Command and press Tab to see all of the apps you have open. Then, tap the Tab key until you land on the app you want to switch to, and release Command to change it.

When you’re in the Finder, you can change the file layout view by holding Command and keys 1 through 4.

Press Command + 2 to switch to list view, Command + 3 for column view, Command + 4 for gallery view, and Command + 1 for icon view.

You can also select multiple files by pressing the Command key while clicking the documents you want.

Steps To Record Video On Mac Via PhotoBooth

The first thing you need to check is whether you are using an external camera or an internal camera. In case of an internal camera you do not need to check anything further. There are people who may require a better quality camera than already provided on the Mac. Therefore this external camera needs to be connected with your laptop first. So, check this before moving further. Follow the below steps.

  1. Go to your photo booth app.
  2. Now, search for the “View photo/video preview” button and click it
  3. You should now see another button “Record Video.”
  4. Click on the record video button on the left bottom of your screen.
  5. That button will then start recording and you will see that button turn into a “Stop recording” button too.

This will allow you to take video from your Mac. The same way instead of the record video button you will also see a button for photo click on that if you want a photo instead of a video. The method otherwise is the same. Photo booth app is the crucial point of this process.

How To Select The Screen Size?

You must have read our other article that talks about how to enter and exit the split screen on your Mac. The same way. You can choose whether to work on a full/single screen or a split screen while using the photo booth app. 

  1. To use photo booth on a single screen – Take your mouse to the top left corner of your screen and then click on the green button which will read enter full screen. This will get you to full screen. In case you want to exit the full screen then the same way go to the green button and choose exit full screen.
  2. To use photo booth on a split screen – It is the same process as the above one. You need to take your cursor to the green button located on the left top corner of your screen. You will find 2 options, select any one according to your need. “Tile window to left of screen” or “Tile window to right of screen.”


So, this way you can record video on Mac. Along with it, we also found that users want to split screens as well while recording videos or taking a photo. Therefore we included the information related to it as well.

We hope our information was helpful. You can reach us with the help of the comment section below.

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