Top 7 solutions to fix iPhone not ringing problem

Do you face the problems related to missing phone calls, just because your iPhone is not ringing? This is a very problematic situation because if you are not able to listen to your iPhone ringing, you will definitely miss on your important calls and events.

It is not a very critical issue, but if not resolved, you may get into various troubles by not answering the important calls. It is really annoying, to see a number of missed calls notification popping up your iPhone’s screen, and you are not aware, that the phone even rang in the first place.

Many of the iPhone users face this problem while they are not aware of the facts which are responsible for this headache. Before moving further with the solutions to this problem of iPhone not ringing, you must be aware of the reason behind this nuisance.

There are several reasons, like a broken speaker, a problem with your ringtone, mute is turned on, you have blocked the particular phone number, you have turned on the do not disturb mode, you are stuck in the headphone mode and so on.

They are the very basic and common troubles faced by the users. Though they are common problems, still, they too need to be solved.

Down below, we will make you familiar with the solutions and methods to fix the iPhone not ringing problem.

Disable your iPhone’s DO NOT DISTURB mode

  • If you can see a small half-moon like icon on top of your iPhone’s screen, just beside the battery percentage Icon, you must get that your DO NOT DISTURB mode is enabled.
  • To switch off this mode, swipe up your iPhone screen to bring up the phone’s control centre.
  • Tap on the purple coloured half-moon icon.
  • If you want to perform the same task through your settings, you may do that also.
  • Just, go to settings and keep scrolling down the screen till you see the DO NOT DISTURB option.
  • Tap on the purple moon icon.
  • Slide it slider, to turn off the DO NOT DISTURB mode.

Maybe, the headphone mode is activated

  • This might happen if you have used the headphones in your iPhone and perhaps, the iPhone “forgets” that you have removed the headphones or the earphones. Therefore, it might be stuck in the headphone mode.
  • The basic solution to this problem is, switch off and on your device to see the desired results.
  • If switching on and off does not work in your case, try removing your iPhone’s case. It is sometimes witnessed that the case might act as a blockage for your jack to get out of the phone.
  • You may also try plugging in and out the headphones several times. This works miracles for this problem and helps your iPhone come out of the headphone mode.
  • The final and the major step that you can take if none of the above steps worked out for you, just update your software.
  • Go to Settings> General> Update Software.
  • If your system is available with an update, give it a try. Your problem will hopefully be solved. Your phone will come out of headphone mode.

Try flipping the ring or silent switch

  • Give a look at the side panel of your iPhone and see if you can find an orange strip there.
  • If you have found the orange strip, it means your phone is on Silent mode, just flip the switch. It is the ring or silent switch.
  • The moment you will flip the switch, there will appear a Ringer Volume Icon on your iPhone screen.
  • This icon means, now you can adjust the ringer volume of your iPhone in accordance to your preference and get your phone out of the silent mode.
  • Once you are done with this, you will start getting rings whenever someone will make you a call.

Give your phone restart

  • Restart your iPhone by turning it off and on back again.
  • After restarting, go to the settings and tap on sounds.
  • Next, under the sounds and vibrations pattern, tap on Ringtone.
  • Tap on any of the ringtones, available in the list.
  • This is to test, whether your iPhone is producing the ring sound or not.

No volume means no calls

  • You will never be able to listen to your calls if the volume of your phone is set low.
  • To avoid the problem of missing calls due to low volume of your iPhone, you must set the volume high.
  • To set your iPhone’s volume, you just need to perform a single, simple step.
  • Locate the volume button, on the side panel of your iPhone and by pressing the upper volume key, you may raise the volume of your iPhone.
  • Once again, just try calling your number to see whether the phone rings properly or not.

Check out for your phone’s speakers

  • The speakers of the iPhone are located down, at the end of the phone.
  • If you are not getting ringing sound in your iPhone, then the speakers might have stopped working or they might have got damaged.
  • To test this, just try playing any video on YouTube.
  • Raise the volume high. If you are not getting the sound of the video that you are playing on YouTube, then it is confirmed that your iPhone’s speakers are damaged.
  • Get them repaired, and you will ultimately start hearing the ringing of your phone.

Turn off the vibration

  • You must give it a try. Maybe, this trick works well in your case.
  • Go to Settings> Sounds> turn off both, Vibrate on Ring and Vibrate on sound.
  • Test your phone once again by calling it.

Final Words

With the above-mentioned ways, we tried giving the best solutions to the problem of iPhone not ringing. Try these methods, hope you get the desired results. In the worst situation, if none of the above methods works for you, just go and update your iOS system.

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