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Review of Sharp Zaurus SL-6000

May 7, 2004 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive
Please share:    Tweet about this on TwitterGoogle+Share on FacebookShare on LinkedInShare on RedditPin on PinterestEmail to someone has published a thorough (and extensive) review of Sharp's Zaurus SL-6000, a Linux based PDA that began shipping in the US in the fall of last year.

Reviewer Ian Giblin begins the review with a comparison of Zaurus models currently available, including the 5500, 5600, C760/C780, and SL-6000. Giblin then raves about the SL-6000's LCD, demonstrating its superiority with several clever screenshots.

Giblin then looks at the SL-6000's keyboard, which he says is “just pretty good.” A photo of the keyboard next to the C-860 keyboard shows how much smaller it is. Amazingly, Giblin claims to have entire 8,000-word written the review on his C-860 using its tiny keyboard.

Giblin goes on to make many further observations, including:

  • Battery life is okay, when not using Wi-Fi
  • Software keyboard and handwriting recognition have a few quirks
  • The audio jack is meant for a telephone headset, not stereo headphones
  • New USB hosting enables connections to older Zaurus's USB device ports
  • Infrared works fine
  • It comes with OpenPDA from Metroworks, and Qtopia from Trolltech
  • The display zoom feature is really cool
  • Hancome Word and Spreadsheet are solid, especially with the hi-rez display
  • The audio/mp3 player can't save playlists
  • The stock video player is choppy, but can be replaced with third-party alternatives
  • Email client is good, and Opera browser is “awesome.”
  • Tons of free and commercial Zaurus software is available
  • It comes with a bash shell, and you can telnet/ssh in
  • It's pricey

For more details, see the whole lengthy review.

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