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Eclipse 2.0 now available for download

June 30, 2002 has announced the availability of Eclipse version 2.0. . .

Eight months of hard work by the entire Eclipse community has culminated in the release of version 2.0 of Eclipse. Without the support and enthusiasm of the entire Eclipse community we could not have achieved this. (more…)

New PowerPC SBC comes with Embedded Linux onboard

June 28, 2002

San Jose, CA — (press release excerpt) — Artis Microsystems has just introduced a Motorola PowerPC based development platform, the SBC-A3000. Targeted at hardware and software developers, it features a highly integrated 333MHz MPC8245 Microprocessor with G2 core, 10/100 Mbit Ethernet controller, three PCI slots, serial ports, and 8 or 16 Mbytes of Flash memory. (more…)

wIndependence contest deadline approaches; great prizes available

June 28, 2002's 1st annual wIndependence Day essay contest for the best 500-1000 words on how you kicked the Windows habit closes on July 3rd at midnight. (more…)

Tiny StrongARM SBC features Embedded Linux support

June 28, 2002

SSV Embedded Systems will soon introduce a tiny embeddable single-board computer (SBC) based a 206MHz Intel StrongARM system-on-chip processor. The PNP/1110 will include Embedded Linux support based on Linux kernel version 2.4.18 along with JFFS1/JFFS2 filesystem support and an FLTK-based support for LCD panels. (more…)

i3 embeds Opera browser in Linux-based set-top box

June 28, 2002

Stockholm, Sweden and Oslo, Norway — (press release excerpt) — i3 micro technology and Opera Software have announced that Opera's embedded web browser technology will be included in i3's new set-top box, called the 'Mood Box'. (more…)

OSDL releases Carrier Grade Linux docs, launches developer website

June 28, 2002

Beaverton, OR, –(press release excerpt) — Delivering on its Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) roadmap, the Open Source Development Lab (OSDL) today announced that a number of milestones have been achieved, providing materials that are now available for input from the Open Source development community. (more…)

New NeoMagic high-integration, low-power SOC runs Embedded Linux

June 27, 2002

Santa Clara, CA — (press release excerpt) — NeoMagic Corp. has announced production deliveries of a new low-power system-on-chip (SOC) processor targeting mobile communications, productivity, and entertainment products. The MiMagic 3 offers the smallest solution for handheld systems in the market today, and boasts typical power consumptions as low as 100 mW running at 110 MHz. (more…)

JabberConf Americas 2002 announced

June 27, 2002

Denver, CO — (press release excerpt) — Building on its successful European conference just completed, Jabber, Inc. today announced JabberConf Americas 2002, the world's largest conference dedicated to accelerating development of the Jabber technology, marketplace, and standards. JabberConf Americas 2002 will take place August 20-22 in Keystone,Colorado. (more…)

Interview: Marc-Christian Petersen []

June 27, 2002 has published an interview with Marc-Christian Petersen, originator of the Working Overloaded Linux Kernel (WOLK) project. . . . (more…)

Home gateway software stack adds DSL, runs on embedded Linux

June 27, 2002

Tokyo — (press release excerpt) — Wipro Technologies today announced support for the Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) applications in its new version of Home Gateway Software Solution. The new version of Home Gateway Software enhances development of advanced gateway devices for Home and Small Office, combining DSL broadband access with local networking, security and versatile management capabilities. (more…)

Customizing Apache for maximum performance [developerWorks]

June 27, 2002

This informative Linux-focused tutorial from IBM's developerWorks website includes suggestions, tips, and tricks for controlling Apache and modifying its behavior to best fit its running environment. It covers operating system considerations, kernel compilation, compiling Apache from scratch, and suggestions for configuration. Jonathan Hassell writes . . . (more…)

Meet ‘Mira’, a .NET-based smart display device technology

June 26, 2002

[Updated 5:30 pm PDT] Microsoft's Bill Gates announced 'Mira' in his keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this year. According to Microsoft, Mira is the codename for a set of Windows technologies that will “extend the Windows PC experience throughout the home by powering the next generation of smart display devices.” Microsoft expects these smart display… (more…)

RTLinux training comes to Orlando, FL

June 26, 2002

Socorro, NM — (press release excerpt) — FSMLabs is planning a RTLinux training session in Orlando, FL Sept. 4-6, 2002. Taught by world-renowned real-time and embedded Linux trainer Phil Wilshire, these sessions are designed to be of interest to beginning users, experienced users, project and people managers. (more…)

GNOME 2.0 desktop and developer platform released

June 26, 2002

Ottawa, Canada — (press release excerpt) — The GNOME Foundation today released version 2.0 of the GNOME Desktop and Developer Platform at the Ottawa Linux Symposium. With the inclusion of GNOME 2.0 by leading Linux and Unix vendors later this year, users of GNOME can look forward to an improved user environment for existing GNOME applications, including a faster and more powerful Nautilus file manager,… (more…)

Sharp’s New Zaurus Handheld Means Business [PC World]

June 26, 2002

Kuriko Miyake of IDG News Service offers some more details about the new Sharp Zaurus Linux-powered color PDA . . . (more…)

GNU Bayonne 1.0 preliminary release and call for help

June 26, 2002

An announcement from David Sugar, project leader of the GNU Bayonne open source telecom project . . . (more…)

TimeSys and SBE team up to supply Linux-based telecom platform

June 25, 2002

Sasn Ramon, CA and Pittsburgh, PA — (press release excerpt) — SBE Inc. today announced that it has entered into a partnership with TimeSys, naming them as the exclusive embedded Linux distribution provider for the SBE HighWire product family. TimeSys Corporation and SBE will jointly supply a complete Linux development environment for engineers building the next generation of networking solutions. (more…)

Real-Time Linux Workshop 2002 Boston issues call for papers

June 25, 2002

An announcement from The Real-Time Linux Workshop 2002 . . .

The Real-Time Linux Workshop 2002 will be held in December at the Computer Science Department at Boston University. If you are interested in participating in the workshop as a speaker we invite you to send an abstract on one of the following topics:

  • Real-time modifications/variants of the GNU/Linux operating system… (more…)

KOrganizer/Embedded 1.0 released

June 25, 2002

The first stable release of the embedded version of KDE's famous calendar and scheduling tool, KOrganizer/Embedded is available. KOrganizer/Embedded is the PDA version of KOrganizer for the Qtopia desktop. It has been developed for and tested on a Sharp Zaurus, but it should also work on other PDAs able to run Qt/Embedded. (more…)

SnapGear releases uClinux update, adds Mot MCF5249 support

June 25, 2002

Salt Lake City, UT — (press release excerpt) — SnapGear Inc. has released a new update of the uClinux kernel which completes enhancements for the Motorola MCF5249 architecture and consolidates updates and applications into one free and easy download for embedded Linux developers worldwide. (more…)