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Archive for December, 1999 SourceForge offers open-source resources

December 18, 1999

Emmett Plant, of LinuxToday, writes . . .

''If you've got an Open Source project, look at SourceForge before you start running your own services. SourceForge is a complete success on the organizational level and the services it provides are unbeatable. CVS, mailing lists, public forums, the ability to poll visitors and project members, bug tracking and anonymous FTP, as well as the feeling of being… (more…)

Real Time Linux Workshop: Day 1

December 17, 1999

Phil Wilshire, of reports . . .

The Real Time Linux Workshop started its three days of talks and discussions at the Institute for Machine and Process Automation in Vienna today Dec 13, 1999. Nearly 100 attendees from all over the globe were present to listen to some of the leading experts in the Real Time Linux field discuss their… (more…)

Lineo to Bundle Arriba! IDE

December 16, 1999

LINDON, Utah — Lineo, Inc. today announced that Arriba!, Viosoft's Integrated Development Environment (IDE), will ship as part of the Lineo Embedix SDK, an embedded Linux development kit. Under contract from Lineo, Viosoft is porting Arriba! for use with Embedix — Lineo's embedded version of Linux. (more…)

Pacific Softworks Announces Linux Internet Comm Tools

December 16, 1999

NEWBURY PARK, Calif. — Pacific Softworks Inc. today announced FUSION for Linux, an integrated suite of Internet communication software development tools and libraries targeted at software engineers developing commercial applications on the Linux operating system. (more…)

Performance Tech. adds Linux WAN Support

December 16, 1999

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Performance Technologies, Inc. (PTI), a provider of high performance connectivity solutions for the telecom and datacom marketplace, today announced that it has added Linux operating system support to its family of Wide Area Networking protocol software offerings. (more…)

WireSpeed Announces Embedded Linux Product Development Services

December 16, 1999

WireSpeed Communications Corporation, a developer of customized embedded network software solutions, today announced its Embedded Linux Service. The new service is designed to help companies developing embedded system products quickly reap the benefits of basing their designs on the feature-rich, open-source, Linux software platform. (more…)

New Linux assembly language programming mailing list

December 16, 1999

LinuxToday ( reports that there is a new mailing list for Linux assembly language programmers. It is mostly for, but not limited to, i386 programming.

The list address is:
[email protected] (more…)

Linux Itanium (IA-64) Support Announced

December 16, 1999

Will Knight of ZDNet UK reports that “the four leading distributors of Linux officially announced their commitment to developing the open source operating system for the Intel's forthcoming IA-64 . . . architecture.” These include Caldera, Red Hat, SuSE, and TurboLinux. The four companies have collaborated via an alliance called the “Trillian project” aimed at ensuring that the very first machines based… (more…)

Linuxcare nets $32.5M from VCs; Acquires ET Linux Developer Prosa

December 15, 1999

The thermometer went up a few more degrees in the already hot world of embedded Linux today, as Linuxcare, Inc., a prominent provider of Linux technical services worldwide, announced its receipt of $32.5M venture capital (VC) funding and its subsequent acquisition of three Linux technology companies. (more…)

1st Embedded Linux Poll: “Why use Linux in embedded apps?”

December 14, 1999, the popular “Embedded Linux Portal”, today announced the first poll in its new Embedded Linux Polls series. The current Embedded Linux Poll's topic is: “Why use Linux in embedded apps?” Users and prospective users of Linux in embedded applications are encouraged to participate in the poll, which is found at (more…)

New RealTime Linux Install CD Includes RTLinux + RTAI

December 13, 1999

Herndon, VA — Zentropic Computing, LLC (Zentropix) today announced the availability of their latest RealTime Linux installation CD for Linux 2.2. This open source CD features a validated and tested installation of RealTime Linux, real-time Linux specific documentation, sample applications and test code, as well as Zentropix non-intrusive and step and trace debuggers for RealTime Linux. (more…)

RadiSys Announces Linux Support for Its Intel CPU Platforms

December 13, 1999

HILLSBORO, Ore — RadiSys Corp., a leading global designer and manufacturer of embedded computing solutions used by OEMs in the telecommunications, automation and other industries, announced Linux Operating Software (OS) support and availability for its EPC-204, an Intel Mobile Pentium II processor-based CompactPCI CPU designed for telephony applications. (more…) Launches Embedded Linux Polls

December 13, 1999

PALO ALTO, Calif. —, the popular embedded Linux portal, today launched the web's first automated Embedded Linux Polls center. The online polls will track developer and user trends and preferences in the hot emerging market for Linux in non-desktop “embedded” system applications. (more…)

New Sites Share Open-Source Development Costs

December 12, 1999

By Stephen Shankland, staff writer of CNET reports that two Web sites for helping companies fund open-source programming projects launched their sites within two days of each other, this week. (more…)

Linux Investment Portal:

December 11, 1999

The first Linux Investment Portal is now open for business. This portal is designed for the serious long term Linux investor. As the Wall Street buzz surrounding Linux continues to grow, it is critical that sound investing information concerning Linux/Open Source opportunities be made available. (more…)

New Real-Time Linux Enters the Fray

December 10, 1999

MARKHAM, ON — Unique Broadband Systems, Inc. today unveiled its development of “RealLinux”, a real-time open-source operating system based on Linux. Unique Broadband Systems' CEO, Alex Dolgonos, says “RealLinux is targeted to the global embedded hardware industry, and is especially focused on high speed 'industrial' processors such as Motorola's PowerPC and 68030, Intel's i960, and selected… (more…)

Sun Apologizes to Blackdown for Java Faux Pas

December 10, 1999

Ronny Ko, in an article at, writes . . .

“Sun Microsystems today apologized to the Blackdown Open Source community that ported the Java SDK to Linux. 'Our stance is an apologetic one,' said Rick Schultz, Java 2 standard edition product manager at Sun.” (more…)

LA Times: an Interview with Linus Torvalds

December 9, 1999

Ashley Dunn, of the Los Angeles Times, has just published an interesting interview with Linux Torvalds . . . (more…)

DiskOnChip Millennium Wins “Product of the Year”

December 9, 1999

FREMONT, Calif. — M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd., maker of the popular DiskOnChip flash disk (used in many embedded Linux applications), today announced that DiskOnChip Millennium has been named as a top-performer in the EE Product News' 1999 Products of the Year competition published in the December 1999 issue. (more…)

World’s Smallest Linux System?

December 8, 1999

Will Knight of ZDNet-UK writes: “Cambridge technology firm Amino Communications has developed what it claims is world's smallest ever Linux system, optimised to function in Internet enabled set-top boxes, Web phones, and other embedded devices.” (more…)